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03.16.2020 2 pm Updated Coronavirus Response

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Lewis & Clark Brewing Co. and the Lewis & Clark Tap Room are both continuing to revise operations with the intent of ensuring the good health of our customers and our staff. Our business operations will keep this concern at the forefront and will be fluid to reflect the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control, the State of Montana and the Lewis & Clark County Health Department.

As of 2 pm, March 16, 2020 our current actions are as follows:

In the Lewis & Clark Tap Room and the Snack Shop

- Effective 03/17/2020 Tap Room and Snack Shop hours are 2 pm to 8 pm daily and the Lewis & Clark Tap Room will remain open to the public. This is being done (along with newly instituted sanitary practices) in an effort to continue serving our customers in a safe manner and maintaining the livelihood of our tap room staff. Customers are encouraged to limit their time in the Tap Room and to take orders to go. We stock a full selection of all our canned products which can be purchased by the can 6-pack and case.

- As of now, all tap room events including bands and room reservations have been cancelled. We will be providing more guidance on the length of this cancellation as things progress, stay tuned to our Facebook and website for this information.

- Employees and customers who are ill are asked to stay at home.

- Online pre-ordering and payment of 6-packs, 12-packs, cases, pillar cans and growlers will be available on Tuesday 03/17/2020. This will be done to minimize the time customers need to to be in our tap room if they wish to take their beer to go.

- Servers have been ServeSafe trained and have also received special instructions related specifically to COVID-19. Sanitation, cleaning and hand-washing has been boosted to have a safe environment for customers and staff.

- Beer pitcher sales are no longer available.

- New procedures for growler fills have been created and we ask that customers bring in only clean growlers for filling. We will sanitize them prior to filling on both the inside and the outside of the growler. - Oranges will not be served with Miner’s Gold due to the extra handling.

- Tap Room management has implemented new credit card and cash handling procedures to limit possible contamination. - Hand sanitizer is available to customers at the bar.

- Please understand that we are doing our best to react appropriately based on the guidelines we receive from our local, state and federal health officials. We realize some of these changes may cause slight delays and inconveniences and we hope you will understand as we all deal with this situation.

In the Lewis & Clark Brewery/Canning Operation

- We do not see any major changes in our wholesale or production operations. We will continue to brew and can our award winning beers and make sure they are delivered to stores throughout our distribution network.

- All staff has received refresher information on Sanitary Draught Practices as outlined in the Brewers Association Draught Beer Manual.

- Our Food Safety Plan is being maintained.

- Lewis & Clark beer is canned in an enclosed, sanitary system.

- Brewers have been ServeSafe trained and have also received special instructions related specifically to COVID-19.

Please note that Lewis & Clark will be responding to recommendations as they arise and will be actively responsive. We will continue to provide updates to our loyal Lewis & Clark community via social media and our websites.

If you have any further questions, please contact Heidi O’Brien at

Best regards,

Max Pigman

Lewis & Clark Brewing

Lewis & Clark Tap Room

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