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Boise or Bust

Lewis & Clark Brewing Co. is coming to the Boise area this month!

As the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, small brewery of the year, our brewers take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into all our beers. For YOU, this means that we make really awesome beer that you're gonna love.

The second week of February we're sending our Owner, Director of Sales, Director of Operations and Director of Marketing all to Boise to introduce our award-winning products along with the dedicated team from Stein Distributing Company. We'll be at: - Feb 9 Twin Peaks on Tuesday, February 9 at 5:30 - Feb 10 Homestead Bar and Grill Meridian from 4:00-7:00 pm - Feb 11 Hops and Bottles in Boise , starting at 4:30 and, The Getaway in Nampa, starting at 4:30

Stop on by to get a sample, talk beer and grab some swag. You'll be able to find our beers at bars, convenience stores and grocery stores in the coming weeks. We are launching with four Lewis & Clark Favorites:

Lewis & Clark Miner's Gold Hefeweizen

A refreshing American Wheat Ale hand-crafted using malted wheat and Montana-grown and malted barley. Gold in color, this unfiltered Hefeweizen has hints of citrus making it the ultimate thirst-quenching session beer. ABV 5.0%

Prickly Pear Pale Ale

Brewed with an emphasis on hops, the combination of Montana-grown and malted pale barley, along with Crystal and Dextrin malts, provide the setting for a smooth, balanced pale with great body. The additional of plenty of Cascade hops, both in the kettle and a nice does of dry hopping, make this beer easy drinking! ABV 5.2%

BackCountry Scottish Ale

This 2020 Gold Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival is crafted with Montana-grown and malted pale barley, along with roasted black barley which yields a dark rich color and a subtle roasted flavor. It has a malty character while being balanced and drinkable. ABV 5.8%

Juicy ObSession IPA

This Session-Style IPA is made with Montana-grown 2-Row barley along with Vienna Malt, creating a light bodied beer perfect for highlighting the juicy hop flavors within. We use well over a pound of Cita and Mosaic hops per barrel throughout the brewing process. At 5.0% ABV this lover-alcohol IPA is one that you can obsess on all day long.

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