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Brewer’s H2O - Hoppy Craft Hard Seltzer

FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2020 -- As the world has evolved with pandemic stages and phases, Lewis & Clark Brewing Company has taken advantage of this time to keep our brewers innovating and employed. The result of their dedication and creativity is Lewis & Clark Brewer’s H2O - Hoppy Craft Hard Seltzer. This seltzer is crafted with Montana sugar from Sidney Sugars and Montana grown and steam-distilled fresh Flathead Valley hops from Glacier Hops Ranch in Whitefish, for a real Montana experience!

Just like the other products in our Craft Hard Seltzer line, as the yeast eats the sugar, the liquid that remains is a low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free alternative alcohol beverage. With 120-130 calories (depending on flavor), 2g of carbs and 1g of sugar, and an ABV of 5.5%, our Hard Seltzer line can be your summer go-to liquid refreshment.

When a can of Brewer’s H2O - Hoppy Hard Seltzer is opened, the olfactory senses are greeted with a botanical aroma that smells like hops right off the vine. This amazing hop bouquet and flavor comes from a proprietary variety of pure, steam-distilled Centennial HopzoilTM from Glacier Hops Ranch.  This robust seltzer is a delicious alternative and is made with the taste-buds of the beer connoisseur in mind.

Max Pigman, owner of Lewis & Clark Brewing shares, “our Craft Hard Seltzer line has been a big hit and the feedback that we have received is that people love that we are using Montana beet sugar and they appreciate the natural ingredients. We wanted to be able to make a seltzer that appealed to the traditional beer lover who seeks out the taste and the smell of hops, but who is also looking for a low-carb, low-calorie alternative. We are excited to partner with Montana’s Sidney Sugars and Glacier Hops Ranch to create this natural Montana beverage Brewer’s H2O Hoppy Craft Hard Seltzer.”

Tom Britz, CEO of Glacier Hops Ranch, Inc. added, “we’re excited to partner with Lewis & Clark Brewing on this Montana-ingredient beverage.  Our Centenntial hop oil gives Brewer’s H2O a refreshing hoppy sensory blast.  It completes the link from farm-to-consumer.  All of our growers who produce these hops are important, and the supply chain starts with their hard work.”

Draft Brewer’s H2O will be released at the Lewis & Clark Tap Room on Thursday, May 21st at our Brewer’s H20 Hoppy Hard Seltzer Release, with all social distancing Phase 1 guidelines in place. Of course, the complete Craft Hard Seltzer line is also available at the Lewis & Clark Tap Room. Those seltzer flavors include Prickly Pear, Tropical Fusion, Citrus Splash and Wild Berry. Also on tap will be all your favorite Lewis & Clark beers. 

12 oz cans of Brewer’s H2O Hoppy Hard Seltzer in both 6 and 12 packs will be available in July. 

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