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Find Pumpkin & Neighborhood Near You

Seasonal beers featured in the Lewis & Clark Tap Room, 1535 Dodge Ave., right now include our Pumpkin Ale - which offers delicious fall flavors like pumpkin, molasses and cinnamon. The sugar and pumpkin spice rim on the glass makes for a delicious autumn treat. ABV 5.5%

Lewis & Clark Neighborhood IPA is another seasonal that is eagerly anticipated every year. Folks who grow hops in their yards harvest them for our Neighborhood IPA with fresh hops as local as you can get! This year the Neighborhood IPA went CRAZY and HAZY because let's face it, this has been one crazy hazy year. 6.25% ABV

Folks in Helena can stop by the Tap Room to enjoy a glass of their favorite seasonal or one of our flagship beers. Here's a link to the Tap Room hours.

Can't make it to the Tap Room? We're bringing these seasons to a bar near you. Here's where you can find Lewis & Clark's Pumpkin Ale and Crazy Hazy Neighborhood IPA

Neighborhood IPA Bozeman (tapping this week)

  • Montana Aleworks

  • Hop Lounge

  • El Camino

Missoula (tapping this week)

  • Cambie

  • Rhino

  • Cranky Sam's


  • Miller's

Pumpkin Ale


  • Grubstake (tapped on 10/09)

  • Brewhouse (tapping on 10/15)

  • Western Bar

  • Muni's (tapping on 10/21)

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