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Some Things Just Go Together...


Pizza and Beer. Some things are just meant to go together and Pizza and Beer, yes, they go together just right!

The Lewis & Clark Tap Room and Vigilante Pizza are excited to offer you that perfect beer and pizza combination. Many of you have already experienced the goodness of Vigilante Pizza via takeout from their location at 704 E. Main Street, East Helena. They are excited to be expanding into the Lewis & Clark Tap Room. Vigilante Pizza owners Rob Leland, Scott Leland, and Chris Mockel have been working with Lewis & Clark owner Max Pigman on kitchen renovation plans and are scheduled to open their additional brewery location in the coming months. Soon you will be able to experience this pizza by the slice or order a full pie just the way you want it and wash it down with cold Lewis & Clark beer in the tap room.

General Manager Nathan Cuddy looks forward to bringing the East Helena Slag Pile to the Tap Room. This pizza features just about everything delicious that a pizza should have: pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, salami, mushrooms, black olives, onions and banana peppers. Cuddy, who has over 20 years of food service experience, says, “Vigilante’s authentic crust and sauce are sure to win you over.”

Since Vigilante Pizza opened their East Helena location in September of 2021, they have been extraordinarily successful. Setting them apart, both their crusts and sauces are made fresh daily. They also don’t skimp on toppings. If you order artichoke hearts on your pizza, you’ll have plenty of artichoke hearts on your pizza!

Lewis & Clark’s Max Pigman says, “We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with Vigilante Pizza. Any time that two locally owned businesses can join forces for the good, it’s a win. We’ll focus on the beer and Vigilante will focus on the pizza. We’ll both do what we do best.”

Vigilante Pizza at the Tap Room will open up daily at 11 am for pizza orders, pizza by the slice and amazing flatbreads. All current Lewis & Clark kitchen employees will stay on board with the organization as they transfer to bartender positions. The current Lewis & Clark kitchen will remain open until April 16. Vigilante Pizza will be opening several new positions. If you are interested in employment, you can email Nathan with your resume,

In the coming months we invite Helena to stop by the Tap Room at 1535 Dodge Ave. and enjoy a Miner’s Gold and a Slag Pile. And, East Helena, don’t worry you’ll still have Vigilante Pizza takeout and delivery from their location at 704 E. Main Street.

Cheers to great beer and great pizza, a match made in heaven!

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